Ricoh Arena Christmas Parties

Every year the parties have a theme and this years was no exception : Speakeasy

“Dance the Charleston, the Cake-Walk or the Flea Hop to the sound of jazz this Christmas at the Ricoh Arena, enjoying a three-course dinner, 1920s themed entertainment, a big band and dancers.”

Each year we tie in the theme of the party with the style of the video. Using colour grading and graphics we try to make each video feel like an extension of the party submersing the viewer in the imagery and style of the night.

To make the most of the footage we make short versions of the videos: 60 & 30 second cutdowns.

This means that the digital video content that we produce is readily shareable across social media, helping your films reach a wider audience.

The Ricoh Arena use these films to generate interest in the following years event and leverage ticket sales by showing exactly what you get for your money in the form of a beautifully executed  90 second video.




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