TedxBrum: The Power of Us


February 17, 2016

HTF media are proud to be partnering with TEDxBrum again this year to bring you live streams of this year’s talks as well as edited videos of the talks after the event.

Last year’s event was a real highlight of 2015 for us, we thoroughly enjoyed being part of a wider team and being able to ‘give back’ to the city that has shaped us. Just take a look at last year’s videos of the talks to see what we mean:

We’re excited about this year’s theme, The Power of Us. Here’s what TEDxBrum have to say about it

Birmingham is an ‘us’ – one of incredible institutions, organisations, people, projects and ideas happening across the city – but how might we pioneer a better city together?

Locally and globally, we are now interconnected in more ways than we can imagine. Together, we have the power to do more than ever before. It’s time to break down the walls and connect across public, private and civic sectors in order to build a city we can be proud of.

On a small scale this is a theme that resonates here at HTF HQ. We have long believed that keeping ourselves to ourselves is a sure-fire way of achieving little. We love the idea of collaboration and practice methods of joint working. The opportunities to learn new skills and achieve more through joined up thinking are far greater than struggling to achieve on our own.

That’s one reason you will find us in our HQ here at shared space Boxxed rather than in a city centre cell. A constant flow-through of creatives ensures new ideas and new opportunities arise sporadically – we flourish on these relationships.

Talking to each other is an important aspect of our business – clients, competitors and peers. And this is what makes Birmingham such a special city to be working in, as it seems so natural and easy here.

I often think it’s not about who shouts the loudest but when we shout together that we can get the most done – so here’s to the power of ‘us’.


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