Dont tell, show!


February 8, 2015

Thanks for stopping by and paying us a visit.

Its been a while in development but our new website is here and we hope you like it as much as we do.

It’s easy to navigate and fully responsive, our videos are seamlessly integrated and above all else it’s informative and to the point.

Our designers brief came down to one thing: simplicity.

After three years in business we have a clear idea of who we are and what we do: we make films and videos,  we felt it was important for our website to communicate this in simple terms to our potential clients, avoiding all the unnecessary bumpf and language that users can often find intimidating and confusing.

We have a new office space within our home at Boxxed in Birmingham, a fantastic studio and a brand new team. To say we are excited about the future would be an understatement!

We were so excited about our new website that we even made a short video about it, HTF are all about showing rather than telling!

Have a look round and explore and if want to feedback on the site usability, improvements or otherwise please let us know by using the contact form here.


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